Old Tomorrow

by Morlove

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In April 2013, Morlove returns with Old Tomorrow, marking a major evolution for the West Coast orchestral folk band. Based on the pattern of Pattern itself, Old Tomorrow seeks to reassemble a fragmented worldview. Creators Corwin Fox and Emily Millard (Miss Emily Brown) took to the books, uncovering knitting patterns, folk legends, urban designs and cycles of the moon and stars. Things got geeky -- they also got interesting. Listeners will hear strings interpreting the honeycomb weaving pattern as if notes on a page. Intimate voices harmonize the relative frequencies of the light spectrum of a rainbow. Old Tomorrow is Morlove's second full-length album and their most expansive undertaking since debut album All of My Lakes Lay Frozen Over, put forward for the 2010 Polaris Prize. Fans will hear the band breaking through their own patterns; the find the climbs higher, the peaks more radial and the valleys further-reaching.

Recorded in a two-story geodesic dome on Quadra Island, British Columbia, the album features string players Hannah Epperson (violin) and Christina Zaenker (cello) as well as Jake Jenne (drums), Neil Burnett (Celtic harp) and Manjinder Benning (tabla, dilruba) with many tracks captured live-off-the-floor.


released April 23, 2013


Corwin Fox - vocals, ukelele, baritone guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass, mandolin, percussion & drums (6)
Miss Emily Brown - vocals, keys, autoharp, french horn, harmonium, bandura
Hannah Epperson - violin, backup vocals (4, 6, 7)
Christina Zaenker - cello, backup vocals (4, 6, 7)
Jake Jenne - drums
Neil Burnett - Celtic harp (2, 9, 10)
Manjinder Benning - tablas (4), dilruba (3), cajon (8), backup vocals (4)
Brandon Smith - Kimball Theatre Organ (5)

Co-written and produced by Corwin Fox & Miss Emily Brown
Audio Engineering, Mixing & Mastering: Corwin Fox
Additional Audio Engineering: Paul Keim
Bed tracks recorded in a geodesic dome on Quadra Island BC. Drum tracking at Dove Creek Studio, Courtenay BC. Overdubs at Pleasantville, Cumberland BC.
"Jane" contains a recording we made of a wax cylinder at the National Music Centre in Calgary AB. The original wax cylinder plays "My Little Jane", written by Fleeson-Von Tilzer and performed by The Crescent Trio in 1921.

Quilt artwork: Louise Dixon, Redfish Quilts, Toronto ON
Design & additional artwork: Patrick Connelly, The Department of Public Image, Vancouver BC

Deepest Gratitude:
Canada Council for the Arts; The National Music Centre & Brandon Smith; The Banff Centre for the Arts, David Pay & Geoffrey Shoesmith; Rebecca Foon; Sarah Murphy; Stefano Bollani; Paul Keim & Mary Murphy; Doug Cox; Johan Hultqvist; Fred Penner; Paul Crawford & Julie Fowler; Carla & Shawn Stephenson; Louise Dixon; Patty C; Brian Lye; Ben & Willow Friday; Bold Point Neighbours; Michael Millard; Orion, Lilith and John Cleasby; Kirsten, Kaya & Tao.

This recording was made possible through the assistance of the Music Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.


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Track Name: Wave & Wake
Wild was the sea
spinning upward a wind
sending waves traveling
Lay down the trees over the road
All night the rain
sheet after sheet
Wide awake listening

She bends to break
Her wave and wake
She bends to break

Brave are the birds
first to emerge in the morning
Scattered debris
branches and leaves
Unearth the roots
World coming clean
Storm receding

Spending the day
clearing away the old familiar road
Up in the sky
Arcs of light
Bend bend and break
Stand in the wake
of a wave passing
Track Name: Skeleton
Like a ghost
you're seeing into me
more than I ever let anyone see
Like a stone
at the bottom of a lake
I never thought anyone would find me

Solitary days
imagining a dream
I cast my line and then I pulled you up
A beauty lost
entangled in the weeds
I look at you and all I see is me

Every time
I struggle with the clash
between devotion and autonomy
What if this love
will only wear me down
and make a skeleton of me again

Despite it all
there is a greater pull
to take the risk than to go on alone
So let's meet high
like eagles in the air
and fall together in a tangled pair

Even if
it takes all night to do
I'll stay up talking it over with you
Take your heart
and tap it like a drum
or like a tree that cries for spring to come
Track Name: There's a Light
There's a light through the trees
and the wait is finally over
Still I wonder why you chose me
Now the time's come I am ready

In the heat of the midday sun
far beyond preparation
All the pain, all the elation
so much more than I had imagined

I can fight, try to slow this down
but it only makes it harder
So I open to the flooding
to the water I surrender

There's a light through the trees
There's a light, I am ready
Track Name: The Roots of Love
What I am
is a dark cavity
where a lightning storm
is raging brilliantly

What I am
is a forest deep
where lovers meet
hot and cold combining

It takes shape
as a tidal wave
on a peaceful shore
a floating mass surviving

It takes shape
in the roots of love
It takes shape
It takes shape
in the roots of love
It takes shape

What I am to be
How the story peaks
a pinnacle of comedy, tragedy

It takes shape
in the roots of love
It takes shape
It takes shape
in the roots of love
It takes shape

It takes shape
in the roots of love
It takes shape
in the roots of love
in the roots of love
Track Name: Shrinking Pattern
Send a spark
from the heart
through the hand
to the dark.
Track Name: Jane
This is what you want
you want to make the feeling stay
You've got it how you like it
You can't help thinking things will change

Everybody knows
you can take a picture
Show it to the future
it's never how it was

So I change my mind like every time
You keep asking me for forever
So I say I do and then I don't
and it only makes you want it more

Think of all the time wasted on the details
trivial minutiae
of things that never come

Wouldn't it be nice
making it a habit
Choosing to do nothing
Suspending disbelief

Jane, my little Jane
Just like music the sound of your name
Jane, my little Jane
You're like sunlight that follows the rain
I love you Jane
Track Name: Old Tomorrow
John A, founder of the land
drunk at the command
as he wrote the constitution
John A, in debt to everyone
while his railway won
the awe of the Dominion

Be to our faults a little blind
and to our virtues always kind
Be to our faults a little blind
and to our virtues always kind
Old Tomorrow

Stephen singing Lennon's song
imagining that John
commended his peacekeeping
Steve pulls a rabbit from a hat
wealth from habitat
Entertainment for the nation

This is the story of a man
who unifies a land
with old self-serving wisdom
North to south and sea to sea
polite complacency
Fore-fathers, sons and daughters
Track Name: The Timeless Way
She left the tragic of the city
for the magic of a country town
country town
High-rises making people crazy
Dense isolation, people fading out
country town

He chose the magic of the city
over the tragic of a country town
country town
No future working in a box store
no hands are needed in the fields back home
fields back home

I have been traveling the outskirts
watching the town turn into parking lots
and crooked slots
Two lanes that widen into four lanes
this cycle passes in a dull rerun
the whole nation
I get so lost among the sameness
expanding outward in a brainless maze
of grey and beige
Suburban swelling like a fracture
over the value of the pastureland
the profit land

I know the magic of the city
is still alive under the whitewashed lie
the mirrored sky
In secret parties in the alleys
performers acting out the marketplace
the smell and taste
Inside the shops along the main street
you'll find the backbone of the small town charm
and drop your guard
Kids running barefoot til the moonrise
chasing the hours in a sweet parade
The timeless way
Track Name: Architect
Could it be there is an architect
Who weaves the skin with a living weft
Could it be there is an architect
Who builds a vessel to contain itself

Could it be there is an architect
shaping children into living steps
Late night fever in a spinning head
Every border under constant threat

Could it be there is an intellect
calculating how we interact
trading bits of the ancestral map
generations in a family pack

Could it be there is an architect
spinning substance out of nothingness
Could it be there is an intellect
weaving beauty in the wilderness
Track Name: Meet the Day
I need someone
who'll hold me to the things I say
I get away with so much

I need a town
where people aren't afraid
Where many hands make
light the weight of modern day
of growing up and growing old
We hide away with so much

I need a hill
where i can sit and watch the sky
and hide away from so much

I need a god who lives in every single thing
who lives in me but is not me
All I can do
is fill the night with quiet song
and meet the day with so much

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